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Mind Perception and the Trouble with Moral Platypuses with Kurt Gray

Dr. Kurt Gray is an associate professor of Psychology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. There, he directs the Mind Perception and Morality Lab—a research lab dedicated to understanding who we interpret to have minds, and why it matters. Specifically, Dr. Gray and his research team examine how mind perception influences moral judgments. In this podcast, we discuss his research, his new Center for the Science of Moral Understanding which aims to reduce social and political polarization, as well as his most recent book co-edited with Jesse Graham, The Atlas of Moral Psychology.

NOTES: 3:00 - Book, Illusion of Conscious Will 

8:30 - Paper, humans don't like AI making moral decisions

12:10 - Paper, the moral agency and patiency of moral exemplars

16:00 - Paper, helping veterans get hired

28:55 - Paper, meta-analysis of replicating incidental disgust

41:05 - Yoel Inbar's paper, Applied Moral Psychology

51:20 - Book, The Mind Club

51:40 - Book, The Mind's I


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