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Fairness, Equality, and Research Framing with Mark Sheskin

Dr. Mark Sheskin is an assistant professor of social sciences at Minerva Schools at KGI and an instructor in the cognitive science department at Yale university. He’s also the co-leader of the Child Lab, where he’s working to harness the power of the internet to conduct studies with children online. In this podcast, we discuss his research focus on the origins of fairness motivations, how studies of prosociality are affected by research framing, as well as his involvements at Minerva, Yale, and the Child Lab.


11:00 - Paper on the slow emergence of fairness behaviors

19:50 - Article--is the Marshmallow test explained by reliability of authority figures?

27:06 - Vox Marshmallow article that "tells us s'more"

36:40 - Paper about income inequality

48:30 - Kim Scott's LookIt Lab

54:00 - Paper about best practices for online studies with children

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