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Aristotelian Virtue Ethics with Blaine Fowers

Dr. Blaine Fowers is a professor at the University of Miami’s Department of Education and Psychological Studies, and is the founder of the Network for Research on Morality. His research focuses on Aristotelian Virtue Ethics and character development, with an emphasis on application of the rich theory that sets Aristotelian ethics apart from other ethical traditions. He is the author and coauthor of five books, including Frailty, Suffering, and Vice: Flourishing in the face of human limitations. In this podcast, we discuss his scholarship, as well as his purpose and plans for the Network of Research on Morality.


10:20 - Angela Duckworth's popular book about grit

18:50 - Paper about the four-quadrant matrix of goods

28:30 - For deeper conversation about moral realism, check out this episode of MSP

42:30 - Paper suggesting that social desirability measures are correlated with honesty-humility

51:50 - Blaine's presentation, "Science is an Inherently Moral Enterprise"

57:00 - All talks from the 2019 Network of Research on Morality Symposium


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