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Stupid Rules!: Social Domains and Moral Development with Larry Nucci

Dr. Larry Nucci is an adjunct professor in the Graduate School of Education at UC Berkeley, an emeritus professor of Psychology at the University of Illinois, Chicago, and the editor-in-chief of the journal Human Development. His research pertains to the social and moral development of children, and he’s worked to apply social domain theory to moral education programs. In this podcast, Larry and I discuss his work with Elliot Turiel to flesh out Social Domain Theory against the backdrop of Richard Shweder’s three ethics, and the later emergence of Moral Foundations Theory.


For more information and resources about Larry Nucci and Social Domains theory, visit this website.

Richard Shweder's three ethics.

Teaching resources and recommended readings can be found at:

Jonathan Haidt's study of morality in Brazil.

Articles that address the relativism of Moral Foundations Theory (in addressing rape of Yazidi women): Character as a Developmental System, Recovering the Role of Reasoning in Moral Education to Address Inequity and Social Justice


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